Whirlamatic™ 20 UHS

For superior performance, durability and simple operation, depend on the Whirlamatic 20 UHS. This 20 inch (43 & 51 cm) cord electric burnisher gives floors a mirror-like shine in one pass. Incorporated into this burnisher are performance features that ensure maximum productivity. An exclusive Constant-Flo™ design uses a patented torsion spring design to eliminate any operational variances and the need for caster wheels, making burnishing almost foolproof. Neither uneven floors nor operator inexperience can affect the brush/pad pressure. Weight is evenly maintained while brush/pad turns at 1500 rpm's. The result is a consistent luster across the floor.

Key Features

  • Patented Constant-Flo torsion spring design to maintain pad contact on uneven floors
  • Center mounted direct drive motor distributes weight evenly
  • High speed burnishing at 1500 rpm with 1.5 hp motor
  • Finger tip handle release lever